About the Author

Pastor Tom is the lead pastor at Horizon Community Church.  He works with Horizon’s council and staff to lead the ministries of Horizon Church. His passion is for people to dig deeply into the Bible and learn about God through his Word. It is Pastor Tom’s desire to equip people to carry out the calling that God has placed upon all Christians — a calling to be a disciple of Christ, and a servant to others.

Pastor Tom is an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church.  Besides preaching, he plays guitar and occasionally leads the worship band.  He has also taught Bible courses as part of the affiliate faculty in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies program at Colorado Christian University.

Pastor Tom loves cooking. In his spare time, he can be found in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes, or in the cellar crafting a few batches of homemade wines.


Tom and his wife, Laura, have four children.  They live in Denver Colorado.